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Compay Placement Video Auditions




2020 - 2021 Season


FINAL CALL Video Audition Deadline: Wednesday, July 15, 2020​


  • Performance opportunities for RCDA Dancers at Local & Community Events, as well as Local Competitions



  • Accelerated training and performing at Competition & Convention Events (both local and out-of-town)


  • Select performance opportunities for RCDA Dancers at Local & Community Events with a limited commitment requirement (no video audition required)


By popular demand, we will be having a FINAL CALL of Video Auditions for the RCDA Dance Company​'s 2020-2021 Season!

  • We are happy to announce we will be having ONE MORE ROUND of Video Auditions. This will be the Final Call for any dancers that are interested in submitting a video audition for the RCDA Dance Company, either Intensive or Performance Team for the 2020-2021 Season!


How this will work:


  1. Please submit your completed “Letter of Intent” to

  2. Visit the Audition Choreography Videos page to learn your audition choreography (Tap, Theater Dance, Hip-Hop & Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical). Dancer's will need to learn and practice on their own. 

  3. Each dancer will submit ONE video. This video will include ALL of the audition choreography dances along with a brief introduction (name and age of dancer) and should be no longer than 5 minutes.

  4. Dancers will then upload their edited video to YouTube (upload as an 'UNLISTED' video is recommended) and email that link to

  5. All Final Call Audition Videos will be due on or before: Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

  6. Company Teachers will view all videos carefully and audition results will be made available within 1 week. 

How to Access the Audition Choreography Videos:


  • To access the Audition Choreography Videos page, please CLICK HERE >>

  • TAP AUDITIONS: For dancers who have never trained in Tap, they will NOT need to submit the Tap portion of their video audition. All dancers WHO HAVE trained in Tap (either currently OR in the past) WILL need to include the Tap portion in their Audition video.

Video Guidelines:

  • Video Introduction: Please include your first & last name, your age, how many years you’ve been dancing and in what styles.

  • Recording of Dances: Record yourself performing ALL of the combo(s) on the Audition Choreography Video page AFTER you submit your completed "Letter of Intent."

    • Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes, and should include a brief introduction at the very beginning of the video (dancer's first & last name, age, how many years they have been dancing and in what styles).​

  • Upload to YouTube: Upload your Audition Video to YouTube as an 'unlisted' video.

  • Submit your Audition Video: Email the link of your Audition Video to no later than Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

Solo/Duo/Trio Auditions:

  • Students Auditioning for a Solo/Duo/Trio will need to record themselves performing a 60-second self-choreographed piece of their BEST style of dance for their Solo/Duo/Trio Audition. Please upload to YouTube as an "unlisted" video and email this link separately to no later than Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

    • ​PLEASE NOTE: Auditioning for a Solo/Duo/Trio does NOT guarantee a placement and is solely based on teacher recommendations. Any dancer that is cast with a Solo/Duo/Trio must also be cast in at least 3 group dances for the 2020 - 2021 season AND meet the Ballet class requirements for their age range for the Intensive Team (even if they are only on the Performance Team).


(Performance & Intensive Teams)

  • FEE & DEPOSIT: $100

    • $15 Video Audition Evaluation Fee

    • $85 Deposit* toward Annual Company Fees

  • All Video Audition Evaluation Fees & Annual Company Fee Deposit will be paid by means of RCDA's Online Auto-Pay System, and will be processed automatically at the time each ‘Letter of Intent’ is turned in. Please send any questions to There will be no refunds, returns or credits for this fee & deposit.

    • *If not cast in either the Performance or Intensive Team, the $85 deposit will be refunded.

    • For those NEW to our studio, we will contact you directly for payment.


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