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'Bring a Friend' to Dance Week
September 11 - 16, 2023

Bring a Friend to your favorite class the week of September 11 - 16, 2023, and you and your friend could win a FREE month of dance at RCDA!* (an $82 offer good for one month only)


RCDA is inviting students of all ages to our Free 'BRING A FRIEND' to Dance Week! Friends of all ages are welcome to join their buddies in class, no previous dance training necessary. Enrolled students, bring your friend to your favorite dance class with you the week of September 11 - 16, 2023!

*Friends must be the same age as their enrolled friend to participate in class. NO FRIENDS YOUNGER THAN 1 YEAR OF THEIR ENROLLED FRIEND WILL BE ALLOWED TO JOIN THEIR ENROLLED FRIEND IN CLASS. No RCDA Dance Company Rehearsal classes OR Adult Hip-Hop classes will be participating in 'Bring a Friend' to Dance Week.


The Fine Print:

  • The winners of the prize drawing will both receive a FREE month of dance at RCDA good for one class once a week (an $82 offer good for one month only). Offer only valid if the Friend of an enrolled student decides to sign-up for class(es) at RCDA, and is NOT already an enrolled student at RCDA, and has NOT been a previous student at RCDA. This offer does NOT cover the $30 membership fee to sign-up for classes. If the winner of this drawing decides to sign-up for multiple classes a week, the offer is only valid for ONE of those classes for their first month at RCDA.

  • HOW TO WIN: The winners of the drawing will be announced on our October 2023 Video Newsletter. Be sure to tune in and see if you and your friend are selected!

  • BONUS!: The winners of the drawing will also be able to select ONE FREE APPAREL ITEM from the RCDA Front Lobby! (in stock items only) The winners will be informed when they can stop by the Front Lobby to select their one FREE Apparel Item!

Bring-A-Friend-RSVP Form
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